Why Our Patients Choose Us:

Our Belief In Your PotentialWhere others give up, we dig deeper. Where others only see your pain, we look for the source. Where others see disability, we find potential for optimal function. Our Physical Therapists are driven by the philosophy that all individuals can improve and are charged with unlocking your potential through an assessment and manual therapy treatment system that views your entire body as an interconnected system.

Our Ability To HelpChange and resolution of pain or physical limitations can be elusive. In order to give you the best chance for a full recovery, we evaluate you from “head to toe” to identify hidden causes of your pain or injury. We examine and treat the limitations of your soft tissues, joints, and nerves, while changing your muscle firing patterns and posture for lasting results.

Our ResultsOur patients repeatedly experience results not previously achieved through other approaches. Our patients often say, “I can’t believe the difference” or, “I’ve never had such a thorough evaluation”. We utilize an advanced evaluation and treatment system to provide unparalleled treatment results. Most patients feel a difference after their first one to two visits at Specht Physical Therapy.

We Get To The Root Cause

If you are suffering from an injury, pain, or a loss of function, we are here to help! The first step in getting you on the road to recovery is to find the root cause of your problem.

Finding the root cause requires a comprehensive evaluation, this is why we use the Selected Functional Movement Assessment (SFMA). The SFMA is a whole-body evaluation system designed to find the specific factors that are contributing to the issue that brought you to therapy.

Research has shown that painful conditions often result from tightness, weakness, and imbalances near the region that hurts, this concept is called ‘regional interdependence’. One example of this is low back pain, which is frequently caused by stiffness in the hips. Treating the back may reduce pain, but the problem will return if hip tightness isn’t addressed!

By using the SFMA along with other evaluation methods, we identify what needs to be fixed to get you better, faster.

We Fix What Isn't Working

Pain And InflammationThis is what usually brings people in to see a physical therapist in the first place – we have many treatments available to alleviate your symptoms.

Mobility ProblemsWe offer a wide range of manual therapy techniques, stretching exercises, and a home program to free up tight muscles and joints.

Stability ProblemsWe use a variety of strengthening, posture, balance, and body mechanics exercises to correct your weaknesses, instabilities, and asymmetries.

We Keep You Moving For LifeAt Specht Physical Therapy we have created MoveWell Wellness Services to keep you moving and living at your best!

Annual CheckupYou see your doctor and dentist for a yearly checkup, so why not a physical therapist? During your checkup, we can find and fix limitations before they cause pain or injury.

Athlete AssessmentSimply put, if you don’t move as well as your competition, you are more likely to get injured. We perform the testing necessary to develop a comprehensive mobility and stability program to keep you on the field and playing at your best.

Golf Fitness ProgramFeeling good can help your golf game! Our golf fitness program is based on research done at the Titleist Performance Institute (TPI), and our TPI certified practitioners can help golfers of all ages and abilities to feel and play better.

A Message To Prospective Patients

Let us know when you want to schedule a consultation.

We know that you might be a little anxious before your first visit, but rest assured we will do our very best to relieve your anxiety from the moment you call our office.