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Working At Specht Physical Therapy

Our Mission:

We are dedicated to empowering our community to Keep Moving!

What We Do:

We provide One-on-One care that is second to none, leading to excellent outcomes, happy patients, and an exceptionally positive work environment.

We utilize a Whole-Body Approach to care. We find and treat the root cause of pain and disability to create lasting improvement.

We provide World Class service with the highest degree of care, respect, and professionalism toward our patients.

Our Story

Specht Physical Therapy was founded in 2001 with a vision to create a unique company that would optimize the health and wellness of patients while assisting team members to reach their full potential. Even as we have grown, we have remained 100% therapist-owned, which means we can practice without outside pressure coming from a large corporate entity or investor group that is more concerned about profitability than they are about the quality of patient care!

Our Core Comittments


We continuously pursue mastery of knowledge, skills, and abilities that will enable us to consistently deliver higher service levels.


We make the workplace fun, fostering relationships, goodwill, and well-being among our teammates and patients.


We are focused on our patients making continuous progress toward their goals of feeling, moving, performing, and living better.


We always think, “How can we help our patients, teammates, and community?” This mindset allows us to change lives daily.


We know that staying curious about improving on our core commitments is the essential ingredient for us to keep moving the profession forward.

Why Join Our Team?

We are Different

We are not the typical corporate physical therapy practice, hyper-focused on therapist productivity over patient outcomes. Instead, we deliver 100% PT-provided care (no aides, no techs) and don’t “double book” patients. This means our therapists can evaluate, treat, and follow their patients through the entire course of care.

Our Vision

We are changing the perception of physical therapy in our community by providing services that are second to none. To realize this vision, we are growing our practice and touching more lives while never losing sight of our commitment to provide services that relentlessly wow our patients and referral sources.

Make An Impact

We are looking for growth-minded clinicians who share our desire to change the community’s perception of physical therapy. As a member of our team, you will have the opportunity to play a significant role in developing programs and practice locations that allow us to extend our reach and impact community health.