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What is Move 2 Perform?

Injury risk is multifactorial, and to accurately screen for risk, a multiple-factor approach should be utilized.

In 2009, an algorithm known as Move2Perform was developed, which weights multiple research-validated risk factors and places each individual in one of 4 risk categories: Optimal, Slight Deficit, Moderate Deficit, and Substantial Deficit.

The M2P categories consider the severity of any single risk factor and the presence of multiple risk factors and, in the end, provide a risk category for each individual. This is how we apply the multiple risk factor model to an individual.

When We Use Move 2 Perform?

Move2Perform is a research-backed system proven to accurately identify and categorize injury risk by weighting multiple risk factors. It allows us to:

  • Make accurate & objective return to sport or activity decisions.
  • Identify during pre-participation testing those most likely to suffer from non-contact injury.

Return to Sport/Activity Decisions

While most patients can be returned to playing their sport pain-free, research has demonstrated that risk for future injury remains. Many return to sport decisions are based on opinion rather than evidence-based tests. With the Move2Perform computer application, we can make confident, evidence-based return to sport and discharge decisions while managing injury risk.

Move2Perform helps us make evidence-based return to sport and return to activity decisions by categorizing our patient’s injury risk and objectively tracking their progress. It synthesizes results from research-proven tests to calculate the patient’s status specific to the individual’s age, gender, and sport/activity. Move2Perform uses a proprietary algorithm based on years of published research. It is the only system validated in peer-reviewed literature, allowing us to provide the best care for our patients.

Pre-Participation Testing

We perform sports team testing sessions to help keep athletes healthy through meaningful and efficient pre-participation testing. Many organizations have limited resources for injury prevention. Move2Perform helps identify individuals at risk of injury and allows us to better allocate precious injury prevention resources to those who need them most. It is the only system validated in peer-reviewed literature, allowing us to provide the best care for our community and the athletes we serve.

Move 2 Perform is a software application that has collected data from over 100,000 athletes since 2007 with the Functional Movement Screen and the Y-Balance Test to:

Compare you to athletes in your sport, who are your age, gender, and competitive level.

Tell you if you are: below, equal to, or above your peers from a movement pattern perspective.

Advise you on what can be done to optimize your movement pattern quality and reduce injury risk.

“Received fantastic rehab from Zack Pereira after my knee replacement. I could not be more pleased with his effort and the results.  Thanks for everything.”

-Martin J.

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