Selective Functional Movement Assessment

Find The Root Cause

If you are suffering from an injury, pain, or a loss of function, we are here to help! The first step in getting you on the road to recovery is to find the root cause of your problem.

Finding the root cause requires a comprehensive evaluation, this is why we use the Selected Functional Movement Assessment (SFMA). The SFMA is a wholebody evaluation system designed to find the specific factors that are contributing to the issue that brought you to therapy.


Research has shown that painful conditions often result from tightness, weakness, and imbalances near the region that hurts, this concept is called ‘regional interdependence.’ One example of this is low back pain, which is frequently caused by stiffness in the hips. Treating the back may reduce pain, but the problem will return if hip tightness isn’t addressed!

By using the SFMA along with other evaluation methods, we identify what needs to be fixed to get you better, faster.

Assessment of Fundamental Movement Patterns

The Selective Functional Movement Assessment consists of a series of seven full-body tests that assess fundamental movement patterns such as bending and squatting that should be pain-free for individuals of any age. The strength of the system is that it guides the clinician toward identifying problems with mobility and stability that are the root cause of pain and injury.


  • It systematically identifies mobility and stability limitations, which cause pain and injury.
  • It assists in the design of a rehabilitation program for rapid pain relief and prevention of future injuries.
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