Movement Mastery

Since the dawn of the human race, movement has played an essential role in our everyday lives. The ability to move both effectively and efficiently was critical for the survival of our ancestors. Running, jumping, squatting, lifting, carrying, and throwing allowed us to avoid danger, gather food sources, and create the great societies of history. The early human was able to attain this movement mastery with little to no knowledge of body systems, exercise systems, or biomechanical science. They developed movement mastery purely to survive.

Over the centuries, humans have drifted away from their primal instincts, their natural movement mastery. Through advancements in technology and the development of modern conveniences, Movement has become less and less of a necessity for human survival. True, most of us modern humans know that exercise or movement plays an important role in our health. We acknowledge that our lack of movement contributes to many of the diseases that plague us as a society today. But unlike our early ancestors, most humans today do not have to worry about tracking and chasing down wild animals for miles and miles in order to have their next meal. Most humans do not have to be bothered with walking to a stream, squatting down to fill a container with water, and then lifting and carrying that water back to their families. If your ancestors were not able to perform these tasks with efficiency or, as we like to say with movement mastery, you may not even be here today!

Movement Mastery Stability

Deep down in our DNA though there is this primal instinct to want to move, to push ourselves to the limits of our human potential, to survive. This instinct is what draws us to run marathons, to compete in sports, and to climb mountains. The urge to move is there and it will always be there. Unfortunately, many of us have lost the tools to fulfill the urge and this imbalance between the desire to move and the ability to move has led to the aches, pains, and injuries so many people suffer from today.

So, how do we restore our primal ability to move effectively and efficiently? How do we restore Movement Mastery? Well, we need to ask ourselves, what are the components of Movement Mastery? Over years of practice with patients and countless hours at continuing education courses, we have developed a system that recognizes that there is no single path toward Movement Mastery. There is no magic bullet. We have identified 4 primary components to Movement Mastery and each component is equal in importance.

The 4 Elements of Movement Mastery

We have established our Movement Mastery Education Series to help modern humans to become the efficient movers they were meant to be while avoiding the injuries that commonly plague them. Our foundational classes will introduce you to the primary elements of Movement Mastery (Mobility/Stability, Posture/Breathing, Movement Skill/Performance, and Musculoskeletal Health/Wellness) with subsequent courses that will dive deeper into each of the primary elements.

As individuals, we are different in many ways. We all have our own unique strengths and weaknesses. Those weaknesses are what prevent us from reaching our full human potential. As a human race we all have the potential to become masters of movement. Join us today and let us guide you to Movement Mastery.

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