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TMJ Therapy

There is hope for TMJ Pain

Do you experience any of the following on a regular basis? Jaw clicking or popping, face or jaw pain, limited jaw opening, ear pain, tinnitus, headaches, neck pain, or dizziness? If so, you may be experiencing TMJ pain.

The temporomandibular joint or TMJ, is a complex joint located in front of each ear. When the TMJ is not working correctly, it can make doing simple things like opening and closing the mouth, biting, chewing, talking, or singing difficult and at times debilitatingly painful. You may also have headaches, neck pain, sinus pain, ear pain, dizziness, and ringing in the ears.

TMJ pain, or Temporomandibular Dysfunction, is not strictly limited to the jaw, it can also be influenced by head and neck alignment and posture.


A comprehensive evaluation of head, neck, and jaw

Individualized treatment program specific to your needs including modalities, joint mobilization, soft tissue mobilization, postural education, neuromuscular reeducation and TMJ-specific management techniques.

Range of motion, posture, soft tissue, and joint mobility analysis.

Collaboration with referring physician or dentist to ensure comprehensive and integrated care.

“I was very impressed with my experiences at Specht. Always a friendly, comfortable, and professional atmosphere, and always ready to give that extra time to ensure a comfortable recovery.

-Marjorie K.

We’re Here to Help You Get Better, Faster

The goal of physical therapy treatment for Temporomandibular Dysfunction is to provide pain relief so you can get back to yourself and your normal lifestyle.