Wellness Checkup

Annual PT CheckupKeep your body active and injury-free.

Golf Fitness Program

Golf FitnessAchieve more success in your golf game

Running 4 Life

Running 4 LifeImprove form and optimize performance

Athlete Assessments

Athlete AssessmentSpecialty programs for all types of athletes

Therapeutic PilatesGet back to your normal exercise routine

Muscle Therapy & Reiki

Muscle TherapyRelieve pain and promote healing.

Each Wellness Program consists of three essential components:


Your program begins with an evaluation including cutting-edge testing procedures to determine what exercises and activities are ideal for you.


Your individualized program will be designed using physical therapy exercise techniques:


Self-myofascial release to relieve tension and stiffness in difficult to stretch areas.


Corrective exercises to stretch tight areas and strengthen weak muscle groups.


Posture, body mechanics and balance training for optimal alignment and injury prevention.


Your program will be designed with Functional Training in mind. This approach to exercise yields the best results by improving movement efficiency and body mechanics during the functional activities that you do every day.

We Keep you Moving... for Life.

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