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Athlete Assessment

Field & Court Athletes

If you play soccer, basketball, football, baseball, tennis, lacrosse, hockey or some other sport on the field or a court you can benefit from our Athlete Assessment. By optimizing your mobility, stability and movement efficiency you can get faster, stronger and speed recovery between workouts.

Many athletes have muscle imbalances, weak or tight areas, that are hindering performance and creating injuries. You can correct these imbalances with an individualized stretching, strengthening and neuromuscular training routine developed by one of our physical therapists.

Baseball Pitchers

If you are a throwing athlete, you know your performance depends on maintaining optimal muscle balance between your upper body, lower body and core. As a thrower, preserving the health of the rotator cuff and other essential structures of your shoulder is essential to avoid injury and optimize performance. You can prevent throwing-related rotator cuff problems by developing arm and core strength, along with the flexibility you need to be your best. Prepare for a successful season or begin mid-season to finish strong by undergoing an an Athlete Assessment with one of our physical therapists.

Dancers & Gymnasts

No matter what level of dancer or gymnast you happen to be, you are performing a high-impact and aerobically challenging activity that requires incredible precision,  balance, strength and flexibility. Minor mechanical abnormalities anywhere in your musculoskeletal system can change how your body transfers energy and produces force. Mechanical abnormalities such as this can increase stress on other parts of your body, leading to repetitive strain and injury. Our physical therapists will carefully examine your movement quality to identify the individual components which may be contributing to either poor performance, difficulty with certain movements,and/or pain. Together we find a solution so you can continue to perform!


Yoga can be incredibly helpful for relaxation, meditation, and improving mobility, breathing, strength and stability. Whether you are a seasoned or beginner Yogi our physical therapists will optimize your body’s ability to move, and make appropriate recommendations for the poses that are best to meet your goals. More importantly, we will inform you of what poses to avoid to not aggravate a prior injury. Yoga should be enjoyed as a way to enhance your health, not compromise it or cause pain.

“I was very impressed with my experiences at Specht. Always a friendly, comfortable, and professional atmosphere, and always ready to give that extra time to ensure a comfortable recovery.”

-Marjorie K.

We Keep you Moving… for Life.

At Specht Physical Therapy we will assess your movement and design a program to optimize your athletic performance in any sport you play. Utilizing our advanced evaluation and treatment methods, we will optimize your body’s potential!