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Physical Therapy Wellness Checkup

7 Components of Your Health and Wellness

At Specht Physical Therapy, we have developed a Wellness Checkup that evaluates seven components of your health & fitness:

Posture and alignment

Movement pattern quality

Strength—core, upper and lower body

Total body flexibility

Balance and coordination


Current exercise program

At the end of your 90-minute session you will have a customized ‘instruction manual’ for your body to keep you active and injury-free.

No matter what your fitness level is, the Specht Physical Therapy Wellness Checkup can keep you walking, running, jumping, lifting, climbing and smiling,as you do all the things you love.

When you move well, you are free to move often. When you move often, you stay healthy and fit. This is the essence of wellness for health and longevity. Isn’t that what we’re all looking for?

I was a ‘Doubting Thomas’ about therapy. Thought it was going to be a waste of time. I had a knee problem which I thought would only get better with surgery. I couldn’t run well or ride a bike. The therapy allowed me to do both again. It consisted of many advanced techniques to promote healing, and stretching exercises that increased my range of motion. The staff is well trained and professional. I am pleased with the results.

-Michael C.

We Keep you Moving… for Life.

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