Do you want to get back to your normal exercise routine?

Our Therapeutic Pilates program is designed to ‘bridge the gap’ and safely return patients to their normal exercise routine following traditional physical therapy. Programs are tailored to an individual’s needs and will focus on postural symmetry, spinal stabilization, motor control, and strengthening of the entire body through controlled ranges of motion. Therapeutic Pilates will consist of mat, table, and chair based exercises with the use of the Pilates Circle, Thera-Band, and a foam roller. You do not need to have been a physical therapy patient to take advantage of this program.

Therapeutic Pilates

Benefits of Therapeutic Pilates:

• Identification and correction of faulty movement patterns and strategies

• Improvement of deep abdominal strength and relaxation of substitution muscles

• Education on the proper breathing technique to enhance core control, thoracic/rib mobility, and improves posture

• Spinal mobilization of any part of the spine and in any direction of movement

• If appropriate, receive education about osteopenia or osteoporosis and how Therapeutic Pilates can help you to build better bones and balance.

About the Instructor

Lauren Gastall PT, DPT is a HAWT Pilates Instructor. She has four years of experience as an orthopedic physical therapist and over nine years of experience in the fitness industry. Lauren conducts her sessions in a safe, motivating, and effective manner to promote physical fitness and inspire clients to reach their goals. She educates clients about body alignment, anatomy, physiology, and ways to establish balance and improve overall health. Lauren has additional training in caring for clients with osteoporosis and women’s health issues. In addition to Pilates, she holds certifications in YogaFit®, SPINNING®, BodyBlade®, Ugi®, and AFAA Group Exercise.

Program Information


Specht Physical Therapy

1010 Grand Army of the Republic Hwy
Swansea, MA 02777


$65 – Initial Therapeutic Pilates Fitness Assessment

$275 – 5 Therapeutic Pilates Sessions

$500 – 10 Therapeutic Pilates Sessions


Comfortable clothes that are form fitting but not restrictive

Interested in Therapeutic Pilates?

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