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Move 2 Perform

Evidence based software to make confident decisions

Move2Perform: Evidence-Based Decisions

At Specht Physical Therapy, we use Move2Perform software to make confident, evidence-based decisions for when our patients can return to their activity or sport while managing injury-risk.


Move2Perform is a computer software application that looks at the results from your Y-Balance Test, Functional Movement Screen and Hop Testing to calculate injury-risk that is specific to your age gender and sport activity.


Move2Perform products have been studied with overwhelmingly positive results, published in peer-reviewed literature, and adopted by the U.S. military and professional sports teams internationally.


  • It allows research-based decision-making to minimize injury-risk when returning to your sport or activity
  • It decreases injury/re-injury rates.
  • It produces easy-to-read reports for patient, physician and coach.

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