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Selective Functional Movement Assessment

Evaluate your movement

Assessment of Fundamental Movement Patterns

SFMA is performed as part of most physical therapy programs at Specht Physical Therapy to assess fundamental movement patterns. Every patient’s case is different, however, and your therapist will decide when to employ the SFMA during your treatment.

The Selective Functional Movement Assessment is an innovative system for evaluating movement in those with musculoskeletal pain. It consists of a series of seven full-body tests that assess fundamental movement patterns such as bending and squatting that should be pain-free for individuals of any age. The strength of the system is that it guides the clinician toward identifying problems with mobility and stability that are the root cause of pain and injury.


  • It systematically identifies mobility and stability limitations, which cause pain and injury.
  • It assists in the design of a rehabilitation program for rapid pain relief and prevention of future injuries.

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