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I have so much less pain now

I have been going to Specht for a few months now and I am amazed at how much better I feel. To be honest, I was not a big believer in PT but my experience with Mollye definitely changed that. I have a bulging herniated disc and have been in pain for about 2 years. Working with Mollye 2 days a week has helped tremendously. She is so patient and thorough with showing how to do the exercises precisely with impeccable form so you are doing everything correctly. She is an amazing teacher and you can tell she cares deeply about helping her clients. I have so much less pain now and I am even able to slowly get back into running again. I would not hesitate to recommend Specht to anyone. I even convinced my husband to work with Mollye and he is very happy with the results as well.

-Mindy B.
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Graham Huntington
Graham Huntington
I have been to other physical therapists before but if you want the best, you go to Specht. I worked with both Zach and Kyle at the Providence location for my shoulder dislocation. Besides being nice and personable (and great listeners), they were able to identify issues even my doctor had missed. I would 100% recommend Specht if you're looking for PT.
Kevin Rowles
Kevin Rowles
I had the privilege of working with the team out of the Providence location (Zach and Kyle). I cannot say enough positive things about my experience and all they delivered as therapists and how they coached up my movement mechanics. This is not a run of the mill PT clinic. The standard of care I experienced should be the standard everyone gets to enjoy. For any future injuries, they will be my first call.
Laura Bruce Martin
Laura Bruce Martin
Not only did he help me with my shoulder rehab and pain but he also gave me the knowledge so I can continue to utilize the techniques and exercises so I can continue to function normally at work and the gum. Highly recommend!!
Nicole Beaudoin
Nicole Beaudoin
I have lived with chronic pain in my thoracic and cervical spine for as long as I can remember. (Car accident, wear and tear, and my job) I have tried a plethora of remedies over the years... I can’t put into words how much better I feel going to SPECHT. Zach is hands down the best physical therapist. He was able to pinpoint the origin of my pain from day one! No one has been able to do that. I can’t thank him enough! Highly recommend!
Jonathan Gutoff
Jonathan Gutoff
A really great experience! I went here in January after I'd broken my right fibula just above my right ankle and had been in a boot for about 5 weeks. The atmosphere is really great. Now, in mid March, I'm finished. So I've had a lot of experience. The space is pleasant and you're treated as an actual person, not simply as someone who needs to be processed. There was very little waiting involved. Zach, my therapist, was really great to speak with and is obviously a meticulous therapist. He worked with me very carefully and always made sure I understood what I needed to do, and his instructions were clear and easy to follow. I'd recommend him and the practice enthusiastically, without any qualification.
douglas perron
douglas perron
I was referred to Specht PT for to address a neck injury and I have to say that the entire experience was exceptional, the treatment I received from Zach Pereira was spot on. Zach was able to quickly get to the underlying problem and resolve my pain and gave me great exercises to keep going. I also had the opportunity to work with Greg Specht for a knee injury and again the treatment exceeded my expectations. I was able to be seen quickly and scheduling couldn't be easier. I know I'll be back if and when I need therapy again!
I went to Specht PT for about 8 months and saw Lauren Gastall. She is hands down THE BEST! She gave me great techniques to help me avoid pain, that I can use for life. She is very knowledgeable and more than happy to explain anything you do not understand. She will also listen to your concerns and do whatever it takes to get you feeling pain free! Overall, I would recommend Lauren to anyone seeking a PT.
Susan Eskow
Susan Eskow
I never thought that I would walk with ease after the pain and discomfort I was experiencing from my hip, but thanks to the knowledgeable and compassionate (patience) therapist at Specht I am pain free building strength and mobility along with knowledge after a total hip replacement. I would and do recommend Specht to anyone who needs to have physical therapy. Thank You Lauren Gastell and staff you all deserve a 5 star!

“I Received fantastic rehab from Zack Pereira after my knee replacement. I could not be more pleased with his effort and the results.  Thanks for everything.”

-Martin J. Google Reviews

You Da Man…

Greg, Skiing my ass off in Italy…. no shoulder pain!

-Wayne W.
My surgeon could not believe how quickly I bounced back

Today I completed enough sessions to graduate from Specht Physical Therapy. I had a history of two severe arthritic shoulders ultimately requiring two total shoulder replacements in 2018 and 2019. Recently, I visited my surgeon at the MGH for a three-month review. He could not believe how quickly I bounced back, displaying more flexibility and strength than he expected in only three months, all due to the exceptional treatment I received from Specht Physical Therapy. The entire TEAM is friendly, very well trained and more important, accommodating to everyone’s individual needs. I give them a 5 Star rating.

Martha T.
Specht PT proved to be a godsend

After surgery, this past January, Specht PT proved to be a godsend. The Therapist was personable, a good listener, responsive, very knowledgeable, patient, and helpful– not only with the PT exercises but in bringing along my morale…the psychological aspects of recovering from surgery. The Specht PT operation was masked, and in a time of Covid, buttoned-up and careful in the delivery of services. I am indebted. Thanks to my Physical Therapist at Specht…I would recommend Specht to others.

-Lois O.

“I had a wonderful experience with Greg at his namesake company. I was having problems with my tennis elbow and his professional expertise really shinned through. He corrected my issue quickly when nobody else could.

James S.

My therapist was always on time

I came here in pain, wondering if physical therapy could help. I was assured that every possible thing would be done and that my therapist and the center would stick by me and see things through. This meant a lot to me. My therapist, was always on time, pleasant and professional. I enjoyed learning about my arm/shoulder and how to help myself. The people at the reception desk were always pleasant and helpful. When I found out that I needed physical therapy I had looked into another place with negative results. When I called Specht they told me to come right in and they could help. Keep up the great work. I will recommend this center to anyone who needs its services. Thank you for the wonderful find and experience!

-Suzanne L.
I wasn’t confident that my shoulder would improve

I’ve just finished my therapy sessions with Michael King February 2nd. At the start of my appointments 5 months ago, I wasn’t confident that my right shoulder condition which has a bone spur would improve from the pain that I constantly suffered in the past year. I had been to an orthopedic doctor for my condition. I had two cortisone shots during that time with no relief. My primary care doctor gave me the suggestion that I see Dr. Jeffrey R. Brown. After an examination of my shoulder, Dr. Brown referred my to Specht Physical Therapy center in Swansea. It wasn’t long during my sessions with Michael King that I started to improve. I have 95% mobility in my right shoulder which makes me very happy to say that Mr. King’s therapy methods have worked very nicely. He was kind and patient with me during the start and finish of my condition and I’m sure this is how he treats all of his patients. He is a credit to Specht PT. I would also like to mention that the staff in the front office was very efficient and I was impressed with the overall look and cleanliness of the place. If Specht Physical Therapy would like referrals from me for prospective patients I would be happy to oblige.

-Dan S.
I cannot imagine a more conscientious physical therapist

I should begin by saying that I cannot recommend Specht Physical Therapy highly enough. I was injured in a car accident during the summer of 2002 and soon found my way to Greg with a painful case of whiplash. For the first month of physical therapy, I was in so much discomfort that I did little but rest and come to the clinic for my treatments. From the start, however, I always felt better after an appointment and was invariably encouraged by the caliber of the care which I received and by the attentiveness of the entire staff. I continued to come for treatment twice each week for nearly a year, and I did so largely because of the confidence which Greg inspires in his patients. I feared at several points that I might need to settle for the limited range of motion which I had been able to regain, or that I might need to accept a certain amount of daily pain or discomfort as a result of my injury. Greg was tireless in his efforts to help me make a fuller recovery though, and he never stopped trying new approaches to my problem. I was able to continue working during treatment because of his skill and persistence, and I am able to function today because of the improvement I made during therapy and because of the exercises and accommodations which he taught me to incorporate into my life.

In closing, I would add that I am so grateful that I have already referred four friends and colleagues to Greg (all of whom have also benefited greatly from his care). Family and co-workers watching my progress through physical therapy last year began sending others in need of treatment my way to learn the name of the person obviously helping me so much. I remain only too eager to recommend Greg and his clinic, for I cannot imagine a more professional or more conscientious physical therapist.

Suzanne F.

“I was a ‘Doubting Thomas’ about therapy. Thought it was going to be a waste of time. I had a knee problem which I thought would only get better with surgery. I couldn’t run well or ride a bike. The therapy allowed me to do both again. It consisted of many advanced techniques to promote healing, and stretching exercises that increased my range of motion. The staff is well trained and professional. I am pleased with the results.”

Michael C.

Thank you for your diligence toward my treatment

I went to Specht Physical Therapy for the treatment of plantar fasciitis. Greg took the time to explain the course of treatment at each of my visits, which made me feel very comfortable with his decisions. He regularly explained my condition and the muscles involved that would contribute toward the healing process. My condition has improved because of Greg’s persistence and dedication. Thanks Greg for your diligence toward my treatment.

-Gil E.
The care I received was exceptional

I was referred to Specht PT by my primary care doctor for tennis elbow. When I began treatment, I had almost no strength in my right arm and was in pain constantly. Due to my limited schedule I was only able to make one appointment per week. However, the care I received was exceptional and has brought me back to almost 100% function with care and exercise. I may now continue to do my job every day.

-Deborah A.
Come here for the best treatment

I have been to five places for physical therapy for various sports injuries. I have found Specht Physical Therapy to be the most concerned, careful, dedicated and best place to treat my injury. I highly recommend, to anyone with an injury, to come here for the best treatment.

-Lynn D.

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