You da man…

Greg, Skiing my ass off in Italy…. no shoulder pain!

– Wayne Wallace
– Skier, boater, and lover of life

I have so much less pain now

I have been going to Specht for a few months now and I am amazed at how much better I feel. To be honest, I was not a big believer in PT but my experience with Mollye definitely changed that. I have a bulging herniated disc and have been in pain for about 2 years. Working with Mollye 2 days a week has helped tremendously. She is so patient and thorough with showing how to do the exercises precisely with impeccable form so you are doing everything correctly. She is an amazing teacher and you can tell she cares deeply about helping her clients. I have so much less pain now and I am even able to slowly get back into running again. I would not hesitate to recommend Specht to anyone. I even convinced my husband to work with Mollye and he is very happy with the results as well.

–Mindy B.


I have had a lot of physical therapy in my 66 years and by far the work that Zack did with me has been the best! The information, guidance and overall professionalism has been outstanding.
–Martha T

Knows exactly what I need

I have had 5 telehealth visits with Mollye at Specht’s.  They have been very helpful.  She seems to know exactly what I need to become a little more pain free.  She can show me what to do and then follow through to see if I’m doing it correctly.  I have been very satisfied with my visits.

–Lois O.

Telehealth is almost the same experience as in person

I have had many rounds of physical therapy in person at Specht Physical Therapy. Each time the therapy helped me a great deal with the problem at that time.
I completed my second Telehealth physical therapy appointment today. I thought it would be a lot different from going in person, but it is almost the same experience, assuming you have a computer or phone with a microphone and camera (laptop or tablet works best because you can see everything; you can also move it around and change the angle of the screen). You can see and talk to your PT, he/she can see you, questions can be asked, exercises can be demonstrated, practiced, and perfected. It’s definitely worth it so don’t wait. Good luck with your therapy.

–Margaret K.

My surgeon could not believe how quickly I bounced back

Today I completed enough sessions to graduate from Specht Physical Therapy. I had a history of two severe arthritic shoulders ultimately requiring two total shoulder replacements in 2018 and 2019.
Recently, I visited my surgeon at the MGH for a three-month review. He could not believe how quickly I bounced back, displaying more flexibility and strength than he expected in only three months, all due to the exceptional treatment I received from Specht Physical Therapy. The entire TEAM is friendly, very well trained and more important, accommodating to everyone’s individual needs. I give them a 5 Star rating.

–Steven K.

Specht PT proved to be a godsend

After surgery, this past January, Specht PT proved to be a godsend. The Therapist was personable, a good listener, responsive, very knowledgeable, patient, and helpful– not only with the PT exercises but in bringing along my morale…the psychological aspects of recovering from surgery. The Specht PT operation was masked, and in a time of Covid, buttoned-up and careful in the delivery of services. I am indebted. Thanks to my Physical Therapist at Specht…I would recommend Specht to others.


A master of his art

In 2018, I had two total knee replacements, one in May and the second in September.  Each time I chose Specht Physical Therapy for my rehabilitation.  For the first knee, I had the pleasure of working with Greg Specht who demonstrated care and compassion while utilizing his expertise to bring me back to full functionality.  A master of his art for sure.  My second knee brought me to therapist Brendan Putney who was extremely knowledgeable as well and geared all exercises to fit my every need.  Whatever issues I experienced he had the perfect solution to get me on the right track.  Needless to say, I would return to Specht if the need should arise. Try it for yourself, you won’t be sorry.

–Margie D.

Could not be more pleased

Received fantastic rehab from Zack Pereira after my knee replacement. I could not be more pleased with his effort and the results.  Thanks for everything.

–Martin J.

Corrected my issue quickly

I had a wonderful experience with Greg at his namesake company. I was having problems with my tennis elbow and his professional expertise really shinned through. He corrected my issue quickly when nobody else could.

–James S.

Consistently given me outstanding treatment

Specht Physical Therapy has consistently given me outstanding treatment. I’ve needed physical therapy for a couple different injuries and have been completely satisfied with the care I’ve received from Specht. Zach Perreira has been very skilled at treating each of my injuries and I’ve made wonderful progress with his treatments and advice. I’ve been extremely pleased with my outcome thanks to Specht PT.

–Jessica W.

Running at the same pace with far less effort

I first sought Greg’s help to improve my running. I always had the feeling that if I could better my form, I could become a much faster and more efficient runner but struggled with what exact changes I should be making and what the best way was to spend my time doing so. Greg was very thorough, putting me through a series of tests, the results of which we used to target my imbalances in strength and mobility. It was challenging at first to “take a step back”, but I quickly realized that the work I needed to do would pay off in the end. After several weeks of being diligent with my program it finally clicked. Almost mid-stride I was able to make the connection between all of the stretching, foam rolling, and strengthening; and what my technique needed to be. Almost immediately I was able to run at the same pace with far less effort and clearly far less wasted energy. I also recognized that with this new technique I will definitely be able to access speeds previously unreachable with me old technique. Greg’s help was instrumental in this change. I would recommend him and his therapists to anyone whether you are battling an injury, or want to improve your performance.

—Kevin F.

Making appointments were easy

Making appoints were easy. Staff interactions were positive. My concerns were addressed and I am definitely feeling better. My physical therapist was very knowledgeable and offered great at home tips to help speed up my feeling better. Overall a very positive experience.

–From Ruth B.

My therapist was always on time

I came here in pain, wondering if physical therapy could help. I was assured that every possible thing would be done and that my therapist and the center would stick by me and see things through. This meant a lot to me. My therapist, was always on time, pleasant and professional. I enjoyed learning about my arm/shoulder and how to help myself. The people at the reception desk were always pleasant and helpful. When I found out that I needed physical therapy I had looked into another place with negative results. When I called Specht they told me to come right in and they could help. Keep up the great work. I will recommend this center to anyone who needs its services. Thank you for the wonderful find and experience!

–From Suzanne L

Everyone was helpful, experienced and friendly

My experience with Specht Physical Therapy was excellent. Everyone was helpful, experienced and friendly. I would recommend anyone who needs physical therapy here. They take the time to get to know you as well as to help you. I’m feeling great now! Thank you for everything.

–From Judith S

Very professional and caring staff

Greg was very helpful in educating me as to the correct exercises for my neck and rotator cuff problem. Very professional and caring staff with the ultimate goal to educating patients and strengthening problem areas. Thank you so much.

–From Manny R

My time spent here was great

My time spent here was great. My knee feels better and everybody here at Specht Physical Therapy was great. I would recommend Specht to anyone.

–From Dave L

Having the office in the gym was great

I was recommended to come here by a friend. All-in-all it has been very helpful. Having the office in the gym was great. It’s great to be able to move again. Thanks for your help.

–From Gail F.

I have felt a big improvement

It has been a very good experience. Michael has really helped my shoulder. I have felt a big improvement in the function of my shoulder.

–From Dolores C.

Greg did wonders with my back

Greg was a very good therapist and did wonders with my back. I would recommend him to anyone. The staff at Specht PT were very nice and made you feel comfortable. Thank you everyone.

–From Marie M.

You did an outstanding job

You guys did an outstanding job with my shoulder injury. I have 99% of my motion. My only wish would be that you worked on wrists as well. I am not so satisfied with the outcome of my wrist motion. I am certain if you were involved in the wrist therapy, I would have had a much better outcome. Happy Holidays. Thanks to all of you.

–From Pam L.

I was in a great deal of pain

I was in a great deal of pain with my Achilles heel. It was swollen and hot to the touch, and I couldn’t stand even the bed sheets to touch my heel. Greg Specht was recommended to me and when I went to see him, he gave my heel a thorough examination, and asked me a lot of questions. He then gave me exercises to do. After eighteen visits, I am so much better. We determined I could continue my exercises on my own at home. Greg was very tuned in to how my heel felt each time I went to him. If I have any further problems, I will call him immediately for help.

–From Janet C.

The advice and level of care helped me

I am very impressed with the quality of care and professionalism shown to me. I wasn’t sure what type of injury I had, but the therapist knew what exercises and stretches would help me get back to my normal activities. I believe the laser therapy also helped my injury to heal faster. Overall, the advice and level of care helped me not to overdo myself, but take things slow and steady. Thanks, Specht PT for a job well done.

–From Gail C.

Thank you for making me well

Specht Physical Therapy has helped me to recover from the pain I had in my left shoulder after a fall. With massage therapy and exercises that I did at home, I have full use of my shoulder and arm. Thank you Specht Physical Therapy for making me well.

–From Janice F.

I am now pain free

Pain and loss of use in my shoulder was affecting my ability to perform job requirements. The possibility of surgery and/or disability was alarming. In a reasonably short period of time in therapy, through proper evaluation, physical therapy and exercise, I now have pain free use and movement of the shoulder. A simple exercise program by my therapist should prevent future problems.

–From Dallas T.

Greg has restored me to full function

For several months, chronic hip and knee pain woke me up during the night. When x-rays revealed no skeletal problems, my physician recommended PT and attributed my pain to getting older, but in three months Greg Specht has restored me to full function and flexibility, and I’m pain free! He thoroughly explained the nature of my problems and his plans for addressing them. At every step of the process he was totally focused on my well-being and gradual improvement. His kind and gentle manner, his enthusiasm and ability to motivate, and his professional expertise and commitment have made this experience as pleasant as it is rewarding, with results I never imagined possible.

–From P.L.

I wasn’t confident that my shoulder would improve

I’ve just finished my therapy sessions with Michael King February 2nd. At the start of my appointments 5 months ago, I wasn’t confident that my right shoulder condition which has a bone spur would improve from the pain that I constantly suffered in the past year. I had been to an orthopedic doctor for my condition. I had two cortisone shots during that time with no relief. My primary care doctor gave me the suggestion that I see Dr. Jeffrey R. Brown. After an examination of my shoulder, Dr. Brown referred my to Specht Physical Therapy center in Swansea. It wasn’t long during my sessions with Michael King that I started to improve. I have 95% mobility in my right shoulder which makes me very happy to say that Mr. King’s therapy methods have worked very nicely. He was kind and patient with me during the start and finish of my condition and I’m sure this is how he treats all of his patients. He is a credit to Specht PT. I would also like to mention that the staff in the front office was very efficient and I was impressed with the overall look and cleanliness of the place. If Specht Physical Therapy would like referrals from me for prospective patients I would be happy to oblige.

–From Dan S.

My thanks to the entire staff

My thanks to the entire staff at Specht PT. You kept my spirits up and prodded me to improve my return to normal. Your attitude towards me and my goal was fantastic. I have been to other sports therapy centers and you are the best in my experience.

–From David S.

I cannot imagine a more conscientious physical therapist

I should begin by saying that I cannot recommend Specht Physical Therapy highly enough. I was injured in a car accident during the summer of 2002 and soon found my way to Greg with a painful case of whiplash. For the first month of physical therapy, I was in so much discomfort that I did little but rest and come to the clinic for my treatments. From the start, however, I always felt better after an appointment and was invariably encouraged by the caliber of the care which I received and by the attentiveness of the entire staff. I continued to come for treatment twice each week for nearly a year, and I did so largely because of the confidence which Greg inspires in his patients. I feared at several points that I might need to settle for the limited range of motion which I had been able to regain, or that I might need to accept a certain amount of daily pain or discomfort as a result of my injury. Greg was tireless in his efforts to help me make a fuller recovery though, and he never stopped trying new approaches to my problem. I was able to continue working during treatment because of his skill and persistence, and I am able to function today because of the improvement I made during therapy and because of the exercises and accommodations which he taught me to incorporate into my life.
In closing, I would add that I am so grateful that I have already referred four friends and colleagues to Greg (all of whom have also benefited greatly from his care). Family and co-workers watching my progress through physical therapy last year began sending others in need of treatment my way to learn the name of the person obviously helping me so much. I remain only too eager to recommend Greg and his clinic, for I cannot imagine a more professional or more conscientious physical therapist.

–From Suzanne F.

I was a ‘Doubting Thomas’ about therapy

I was a ‘Doubting Thomas’ about therapy. Thought it was going to be a waste of time. I had a knee problem which I thought would only get better with surgery. I couldn’t run well or ride a bike. The therapy allowed me to do both again. It consisted of many advanced techniques to promote healing, and stretching exercises that increased my range of motion. The staff is well trained and professional. I am pleased with the results.

–From Michael C.

Thank you for your diligence toward my treatment

I went to Specht Physical Therapy for the treatment of plantar fasciitis. Greg took the time to explain the course of treatment at each of my visits, which made me feel very comfortable with his decisions. He regularly explained my condition and the muscles involved that would contribute toward the healing process. My condition has improved because of Greg’s persistence and dedication. Thanks Greg for your diligence toward my treatment.

–From Gil E.

The care I received was exceptional

I was referred to Specht PT by my primary care doctor for tennis elbow. When I began treatment, I had almost no strength in my right arm and was in pain constantly. Due to my limited schedule I was only able to make one appointment per week. However, the care I received was exceptional and has brought me back to almost 100% function with care and exercise. I may now continue to do my job every day.

–From Deborah A.

My utmost satisfaction with the professional help and care

I would like to take this opportunity to make known my utmost satisfaction with the professional help and care of Mr. Gregory Specht and his staff in my recovery process after surgery for spinal stenosis. Every exercise to be performed was fully explained to me as to what and why it was being prescribed and what results I could expect. I would not hesitate to recommend Specht Physical Therapy to anyone.

–From Norm L.

They put the patient first

I would not be where I am today if I hadn’t gone to Specht Physical Therapy a couple of years ago. I have been too a few therapy centers and they never saw me for me or cared about what they were doing to me. Specht was the first place that didn’t treat me like I was an interruption in their day. Before going to Specht, I was ready to just accept my injury because it was too much trouble for me to try to get better by myself. Then I went to Specht and I started seeing the light at the end of the tunnel. I went there for about one year and I met my goals so I could go to the next step. I have a traumatic brain injury which has caused me to be using a wheelchair for the last seven years. I was told I would walk one day but I would have to work hard. Greg was my physical therapist and he is why I am doing as well as I am. I have been on a long road trying to get better and it looks like that road is finally coming to an end. Specht Physical Therapy really does their jobs plus more. They put the patient first. I always looked forward to going to therapy because every time I left there, I felt I was making progress. I was right! I made a lot of progress!

–From Christine S.

I began to feel hopeless

I’m Filomena Machado, over the last two years I have suffered from Plantar fasciitis, I have seen numerous doctors and have been seen by quite a few therapists and nothing seemed to work. I began to feel hopeless and thought I would never be able to do normal activities of my daily living. In October of 2005 I heard about Dr. Cobrin and his practice. I figured it wouldn’t hurt to get another opinion. Dr. Cobrin knew exactly how I was feeling; he was honest and very understanding he offered me different options to where he thought I should have therapy done. So I took his advice and went to Specht Therapy where they specialize with my problem. It has been nine months now since I have been a patient at Specht. There has been a major improvement. I can honestly say I feel almost 100% better. I am now able to enjoy walks and work throughout the day without being in enormous amount of pain. Thank you Dr. Cobrin and everyone at Specht Therapy especially Greg who worked so hard to make my like easier!

–From Filomena M.

Come here for the best treatment

I have been to five places for physical therapy for various sports injuries. I have found Specht Physical Therapy to be the most concerned, careful, dedicated and best place to treat my injury. I highly recommend, to anyone with an injury, to come here for the best treatment.

–From Lynn D

He inspired me to work hard

I had the cartilage removed in my left knee in 1958 and another exploratory operation in 1978 which left the knee with only 97 degrees range of motion and severe bowing. In other words my knee was a mess. I had a knee replacement on October 15, 2005 and a manipulation on December 7, 2005. I believe though that Greg Specht has been instrumental in the success of my recovery. I have 115 degrees range of motion and the leg can be straightened. Throughout the difficult therapy period over several months, Greg tried many different techniques to find a way to bend and straighten that knee and he inspired me to work hard to do so. I feel very fortunate to have had Greg as my physical therapist and recommend him without reservation.

–From Betty S.

Always a friendly atmosphere

I was very impressed with my experiences at Specht. Always a friendly, comfortable, and professional atmosphere, and always ready to give that extra time to ensure a comfortable recovery.

–From Marjorie K

I couldn’t have done it without you

Well, the end is finally here. It took long enough! This is just a little something to thank all of you for your help and kindness. I couldn’t have done it without you. The worst experience of my life was made slightly easier with your comfort and concern. I couldn’t have asked for better people to help me along the way. I will be sure to keep in touch and updated progress. Thanks again.

–From Shelby B

I would recommend you to anyone

Some long overdue thanks, I think, for your help in overcoming my chronic shoulder and neck problems. It’s no overstatement to say I am more comfortable, even after some pretty intensive gardening, than I have been in years. You’ve taught me to prevent injury and to minimize re-injury possibilities. I especially appreciate your innovative solutions tailored to my needs. I would recommend you to anyone I know who complains of pain.

–From Elizabeth S

You are the best

I want to thank you for all you’ve done for me. I’m a lot better than when I came to you and I lost a few inches with the exercises you prescribed me. Mr. Fingliss was right when he said you were the best!! You are great at what you do and you are dedicated and committed.

–From Helena P

Couldn’t have come this far without your patience and help

Hi Greg,
Hope your wrist is all healed and you are having a good summer.  I’ve had two visits with Dr. Hester. At the 1st one he had orthotics made for me to put my feet in a “neutral position” – which, when I looked it up, is pretty complicated. It took some getting used to but not too bad. At the 2nd visit he recommended strongly I get Brook Addication Walkers. Jeannie whisked me off to Yorker Shoes and we got a pair. They do feel very stable on my feet but they are a pretty boring, orthopedic looking shoe. A very knowledgeable salesman there also set me up with a pair of slightly dressier shoes that the orthotics can fit in well, for that 1% of the time I need to kick it up a notch. I won’t see Dr. Hester now till mid October.
Exercising faithfully every day and using the wedge. Also trying to remember to massage the calves every day. Much less crazy than I was at first, but still nervous about what my legs can and cannot do and how much I can push myself. Work can be pretty challenging some nights.
Couldn’t have come this far without your patience and help, thank you! Take care and stay cool – give my best to Brendan and the nice ladies in the office.

— Harriet