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Hacking the Squat 2.0

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‘Strong is the new skinny.’ This is a saying that we have seen trending on social media, blogs, etc. We are no longer seeing the desire for ‘thigh gap,’ instead strong, muscular thighs are taking the world by storm.

Men and women alike are working hard to build muscle and strengthen their bodies to the extreme. What makes us smile the most is seeing both men and women occupy the weights section at the gym. Men spotting women and women spotting men as they squat ridiculous amounts of weight is becoming more and more common.

Here at Specht Physical Therapy we want to help push this movement forward.  We are hosting a free Hacking the Squat Workshop on Wednesday, August 17th from 7:00 pm to 8:30 pm.  

This workshop is for squatters of all levels. Specht’s own, Zachary Pereira, MSPT, OCS, will be presenting on how to self asses and fix limitations in mobility or stability that are limiting your ability to squat.

If you are interested in attending or know of anyone who would be please follow the eventbrite link to register, there are limited spaces so be sure to do it quick!


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