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An Idea Becomes Reality

While still in school for his physical therapy training, Greg Specht was working in a small clinic just outside of New Orleans, Louisiana that was connected to a health and fitness center.

Working at this facility, Greg gained invaluable insight into the superior level of care delivered by physical therapists when working inside a health and fitness center.

Greg saw that patients, upon discharge from formal treatment, were able to carry out their exercise programs using the same equipment with which they had rehabilitated their injuries.

This was obviously an advanced way to practice as a physical therapist and Greg knew that one day he would have his own facility set up the same way.

On July 23rd 2001, Greg realized his dream, opening a clinic inside a fitness center in Swansea, Massachusetts and in 2015 he opened a second location inside a personal training center in Providence, RI.

At this point, Greg knows that he has created the ultimate environment for delivering outstanding physical therapy services to his patients to:

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