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Eliminate Pain-and Reduce Risk of Re-injury.

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Is an Injury Keeping You from Enjoying Life?

An injury should not be keeping you from getting out and enjoying your favorite activities. You shouldn’t have to sit on the sidelines of life while everyone else is out having fun. If you are struggling from neck pain, back pain, or anything in between, act now! You can gain relief!

You don’t have to struggle with daily or chronic pain. We can help!

Get a Personalized Treatment Program and Experience a Quicker, more Thorough Rehabilitation.

Get Moving Better, Faster!

Our team of therapists will do our best to have you start feeling and moving better in 4 visits (or less).

Reduce Pain & Limitation

We don’t merely treat symptoms. We target the root cause of your pain with personalized plans.

Optimize Health & Fitness!

Our goal is 100% rehabilitation. We want you to resume the life you love and keep moving!

“I credit Zach with being able to avoid foot surgery, an improvement in my running form, and the rebuilding of overall strength of my feet. This is the best physical therapy I have ever received”

-Teal R. Google Reviews

We Hate Seeing People in Pain.

We Love Helping Our Patients Get Living!

Over 21 years in business

Over 15,000 clients seen

4 full-time therapists (Doctors of Physical Therapy)

All staff are trained and certified in the Selective Functional Movement Assessment (SFMA)

Feel Better. Perform Better. Keep Moving.

Let’s Get You Back to the Active Life You Love.

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Meet with one of our qualified doctors of physical therapy at either our Swansea or Providence locations.

Feel Better. Perform Better. Keep Moving.

Start feeling, moving, and performing better in just 4 short visits.

Isn’t it Time You had a Better PT Experience?

When you work with us you get…

Individualized Plans

We don’t do “cookie cutter” physical therapy. Because your body and goals are unique, your treatment should be too and with Specht PT…it will be.

Thorough, Holistic Care

Since the body is an interconnected system, our “head to toe” assessment and manual therapy approach give you the best chance for success.

“Better in Four, or No More”

We want you to start feeling better in four visits (or less). If you’re not, your therapist will consult with a colleague or your doctor to create a plan for improvement.

See Hundreds of Great Tips for a Healthy Lifestyle.

Stay up to date on all of the latest physical therapy, rehab and healthcare trends.

“I had a fractured shoulder….and I was able to regain about 95% range of motion…which shocked my orthopedic doctor!”

-Darlene M. Google Reviews

Let’s Start the Journey Together!

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