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    My experience with Specht Physical Therapy was excellent. Everyone was helpful, experienced and friendly. I would recommend anyone who needs physical therapy here. They take the time to get to know you as well as to help you. I’m feeling great now! Thank you for everything.
    –From Judith S
    Before I started PT at Specht Physical Therapy I was always in pain during walking, sitting and especially standing. I never went up the stairs using both feet. I became younger when I left, or at least I thought so. Mike was very gentle but very firm. When I was finished with PT, I was about 98% better. My experience was profitable all around, mentally, physically and emotionally. The office girls are the best.
    –From C.D.
    During physical therapy, I learned about back muscles that I never knew I had. When I started therapy, I could barely get out of bed or in/out of a car without incredible pain. Physical therapy has helped me feel normal again. I’ve learned many stretches and exercises that I use everyday to prevent future back injury. Sometimes my back will hurt and now I am equipped with the tools I need to manage and/or prevent the pain. I feel that the physical therapy experience was extremely helpful. Thank you Mike!
    –From Lara B.
    I first sought Greg’s help to improve my running. I always had the feeling that if I could better my form, I could become a much faster and more efficient runner but struggled with what exact changes I should be making and what the best way was to spend my time doing so. Greg was very thorough, putting me through a series of tests, the results of which we used to target my imbalances in strength and mobility. It was challenging at first to “take a step back”, but I quickly realized that the work I needed to do would pay off in the end. After several weeks of being diligent with my program it finally clicked. Almost mid-stride I was able to make the connection between all of the stretching, foam rolling, and strengthening; and what my technique needed to be. Almost immediately I was able to run at the same pace with far less effort and clearly far less wasted energy. I also recognized that with this new technique I will definitely be able to access speeds previously unreachable with me old technique. Greg’s help was instrumental in this change. I would recommend him and his therapists to anyone whether you are battling an injury, or want to improve your performance.
    -From Kevin F.

At Specht Physical Therapy…

we have created something special

The ideal environment for patients to get back to life, free from pain and physical limitation, while becoming healthy and fit.

Your Road to Recovery doesn’t have to be long or incomplete. In fact, Specht Physical Therapy was specifically created to get you out of the doctor’s office, off of your couch and back to your activity in the shortest time possible.

Our carefully selected staff of professionals will develop your customized treatment program to meet your individual needs. You will receive treatment from the same physical therapist at every visit for outstanding continuity of care. We will do everything in our power to get you 100% recovered from your injury and back to your active lifestyle.

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