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Cancellation Policy

Your Time is Valuable!

At Specht Physical Therapy, it is our mission to be committed to your personal health, well-being and quality of life. In order for us to facilitate this process, it is extremely important that you adhere to the plan of care agreed upon by you and our staff. Through thorough evaluation and adherence to your home exercise program, you begin the process toward recovery. Follow up sessions are a time to readdress impairments and progress you further in your recovery process. Without adequate follow up, full recovery becomes less probable.

Our staff will make every effort to fulfill your scheduling needs. While we understand that issues and emergencies occur, it is not appreciated when cancellations and no-shows become a habit. Cancellations and no-shows have negative effects that include, but are not limited to:

  • Limit the Level of Improvement You Will Have as a Client of Specht Physical Therapy
  • Reduce Appointment Availability for Other Clients (Especially During Priority Hours)
  • Loss of Time and Revenue for Specht Physical Therapy


  • 1st Cancellation or No Show: Warning and Automatic Enrollment in Appointment Reminders (If not already enrolled)
  • 2nd Cancellation or No Show and each additional occurrence: $50 Fee 
  • Following a third No Show, your account and treatment plan will be reviewed by the administrative staff.

Cancellation is defined as and only recorded when a session is cancelled within a 24 hour window.

No Show is defined as and recorded when a patient fails to show for a session and does not contact our office in a timely manner.

Upon violation of this policy, payment must be collected prior to the next visit and before future appointments can be scheduled.