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Ideas to Improve Your Balance!

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Written By Holly Gish

Improve your balance! Try out a gentle yoga or Pilates class to feel stronger and more stable and to create stability throughout your joints.

Specht Physical Therapy can help you get back, and STAY, on your feet!

Image may contain: one or more people and people dancing, text that says 'Ways to Improve Your Balance Yoga and Pilates To keep your balance, you need muscles that can hold you steady as you stand, walk, or make other movements. You might know these as your "core muscles. Yoga and Pilates include moves that help you stretch and strengthen them. Check with your doctor before you start. To learn the moves properly, it's good idea to join nearby class taught by certified instructor. SOURCES Reviewed Sabrina Felson, MD April 10, 2019'

*Please share these tips with loved ones that would benefit from improved balance!*