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Improve Your Hip Hinge, Improve Your Golf Game!

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Written By Holly Gish

Perhaps you’re thinking, what’s a hip hinge and how will it improve my golf game?! Believe it or not, the hip hinge is actually an essential movement, both as a golfer and in daily life. A correct hinge controls both hip flexion, and the ability to create power when extending at the hip.


Can you touch your toes?

Can you control your pelvis?

Perhaps you’ve heard of a deadlift, an olympic lift, or a kettlebell swing? These movements all help to train the hip hinge, and set up the needed muscle recruitment as a golfer. Check out our hip hinge video to start with the basics and help improve your hip hinge form!:


When done correctly, a proper hip hinge demands flexibility of the hamstrings and lower back while requiring proper recruitment of the glutes (butt muscles) and core. However, due to tightness, lack of movement, or atrophy, golfers may struggle with the basic movement pattern itself. You’ll be amazed at how much stronger, easier, and more efficient your movements become once all these requirements come together- hip hinge to better golf game!

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