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Improve Your Hip Mobility With These Exercises

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Written By Samantha Gosper

Hip mobility is crucial when looking to reach peak performance while doing day-to-day tasks or participating in sports.  The following exercises will help improve your hip flexion and mobility as well as glute function!


Improving Hip Flexion

Release pinching or impingement during hip flexion by releasing the structures around the socket and improve your ability to perform functional tasks like squatting with this video.

Improving Hip Flexor Mobility

Help combat hip flexor immobility by learning to roll out, stretch, and mobilize your hip flexor muscles with this video!

Improving Hip External Rotation

Through this video, improve your ability to externally rotate your leg and prevent the knees from collapsing inward by foam rolling, stretching, and using a mobility band.

Improving Hip Abduction & Glute Function

Prevent movement impairment caused by inner thigh tightness and help your glutes properly fire with this video!


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